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AGORIA SOLAR TEAM, Officially World Champions of BWSC

By October 18, 2019April 8th, 2020News, Solar Team

AGORIA SOLAR TEAM, Officially World Champions of BWSC


Congratulations to the Agoria Solar Team for winning the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge !

The team has won a 3,000-km (1,864-mile) race for solar-powered cars through the Australian outback.
The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is one of the world’s most prestigious solar car races created to foster development of experimental, solar-powered vehicles by university students.

The Blue Point car was the first to cross the finish line, result of more than 15 months of hard work.

Solar Team is a Belgian team consisting of 20 engineering students from KU Leuven, competing to build the best and most innovative solar car, The Blue Point.

As every customer story is unique, Klarrio hosted several meetings with Solar Team to have a deep understanding of their current workflow, methodology and future ambitions. The focus during these talks was the process of live data capture during testruns and the processing of testrun data to develop models that allow shaping an optimal race strategy.

In agreement with Solar Team, Klarrio put forward action points that define the necessary steps of their digital transformation in order to boost Solar Team’s current workflow of data processing and race strategy determination.

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